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Cdigo: TBS1052B
Modelo: TBS1052B

Por: R$  3.219,80

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Informaes do Produto

Bandwidth 50 MHz
Channels 2
Sample rate on each channel 1.0 GS/s
Record length 2.5k points at all-time bases
Vertical resolution 8 bits
Input sensitivity range 2 mV to 5 V/div on all models with calibrated fine adjustment
DC gain accuracy ±3%, from 10 mV/div to 5 V/div

Vertical system
(Analog channels):

Maximum input voltage 300 VRMS CAT II; derated at 20 dB/decade above 100 kHz to 13 Vp-p AC at 3 MHz and above
Offset range 2 mV to 200 mV/div: ±1.8 V <200 mV to 5 V/div: ±45 V
Bandwidth limit 20 MHz
Input coupling AC, DC, GND
Input impedance 1 MO in parallel with 20 pF
Vertical zoom Vertically expand or compress a live or stopped waveform

Horizontal system
(Analog channels:

Time base range 2.5 ns to 50 s/div
Time base accuracy 50 ppm
Horizontal zoom Horizontally expand or compress a live or stopped waveform

Input/Output ports:

USB interface USB host port on front panel supports USB flash drives USB device port on back of instrument supports connection to PC and all PictBridge-compatible printers
GPIB interface Optional
Reference waveform display 2.5K point reference waveforms
W.f storage NO USB flash drive 2.5K point
Maximum USB flash drive size 64 GB

Data storage
(Nonvolatile storage):

w.f storage with USB flash drive 96 or more reference waveforms per 8 MB
Setups without USB flash drive 10 front-panel setups
Setups with USB flash drive 4000 or more front-panel setups per 8 MB
Screen images with USB flash drive 128 or more screen images per 8 MB (the number of images depends on file format selected)
Save All with USB flash drive 12 or more Save All operations per 8 MB
A single Save All operation creates 3 to 9 files (setup, image, plus one file for each displayed waveform)

Acquisition system
(Acquisition modes):

Peak Detect High-frequency and random glitch capture. Captures glitches as narrow as 12 ns (typical) at all time base settings from 5 µs/div to50 s/div
Sample Sample data only
Average Waveform averaged, selectable: 4, 16, 64, 128
Single Sequence Use the Single Sequence button to capture a single triggered acquisition sequence
Roll At acquisition time base settings of >100 ms/div

Trigger system External trigger input Included on all models
Trigger modes Auto, Normal, Single Sequence
Trigger types Edge (Rising/Falling): Trigger on all lines or individual lines, odd/even or all fields from composite video, or broadcast standards (NTSC, PAL, SECAM)
Video: Trigger on all lines or individual lines, odd/even or all fields from composite video, or broadcast standards (NTSC, PAL, SECAM)
Pulse Width (or Glitch): Trigger on a pulse width less than, greater than, equal to, or not equal to, a selectable time limit ranging from 33 ns to 10 s
Trigger source Two channel models: CH1, CH2, Ext, Ext/5, AC Line
Trigger view Displays trigger signal while Trigger View button is depressed.
Trigger signal frequency readout Provides a frequency readout of the trigger source
Waveform measurements Cursors Types: Amplitude, Time
Measurements: ?T, 1/?T, ?V
Automatic measurements Period, Frequency, Pos Width, Neg Width, Rise Time, Fall Time, Maximum, Minimum, Peak-Peak, Mean, RMS, Cycle RMS, Cursor RMS, Phase, Pos Pulse Cnt, Neg Pulse Cnt, Rise Edge Cn, Fall Edge Cn, Pos Duty, Neg Duty, Amplitude, Cycle Mean, Cursor Mean, Burst Width, Pos Overshoot, Neg Overshoot, Area, Cycle Area, High, Low, Delay RR, Delay RF, Delay FR, Delay FF
Waveform math Arithmetic Add, Subtract, Multiply
Math functions FFT
FFT Windows: Hanning, Flat Top, Rectangular 2048 sample points
Sources Two channel models: CH1 - CH2, CH2 - CH1, CH1 + CH2, CH1 x CH2
Autoset Autoset menu Single-button, automatic setup of all channels for vertical, horizontal, and trigger systems, with undo Autoset
Square wave Single Cycle, Multicycle, Rising or Falling Edge
Sine wave Single Cycle, Multicycle, FFT Spectrum
Video (NTSC, PAL, SECAM) Field: All, Odd, or Even Line: All or Selectable Line Number
Autorange Automatically adjust vertical and/or horizontal oscilloscope settings when probe is moved from point to point, or when the signal exhibits large changes.
Frequency counter Resolution 6 digits
Accuracy (typical) + 51 parts per million including all frequency reference errors and +1 count errors
Frequency range AC coupled, 10 Hz minimum to rated bandwidth
Frequency counter signal source Pulse width or edge selected trigger source
Frequency counter measures selected trigger source at all times in pulse width and edge mode, including when the oscilloscope acquisition is halted due to changes in run status, or acquisition of a single shot event has completed.
The frequency counter does not measure pulses that do not qualify as legitimate trigger events
Pulse Width mode: Counts pulses of enough magnitude inside the 250 ms measurement window that qualify as triggerable events(e.g. all narrow pulses in a PWM pulse train if set to "<" mode and the limit is set to a relatively small number).
Edge Trigger mode: Counts all pulses of enough magnitude
Channels 2 channel
(H x W x D) 6.22 x 12.85 x 4.89 inches (158 x 326 x 124 mm)
Weight 4.3 lbs (2.0 kg)

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